Michael Coteau

Dear Friend,

I hope you will consider supporting Michael Coteau for leader of the Ontario Liberal Party.  Here’s why I’m doing so:

Picture of Michael Coteau
Michael Coteau

Proven Winner. Michael was one of only seven Liberals to win his seat in the 2018 provincial election, even though he faced star PC candidate Denzil Minnan-Wong.  His outstanding campaign skills, and high electability, would maximize the chance to beat Doug Ford province-wide in 2022.  Electing a leader who is already an MPP also means that the party will not have to spend time and resources trying to get the Leader a seat in the legislature.

Cabinet Star.  Premier Wynne trusted Coteau with three portfolios simultaneously: Children and Youth Services, Community & Social Services, and Anti-Racism.  Leading a political party is not an entry-level job.  Compared to some of the other candidates, Coteau’s cabinet experience will give him a shorter learning curve when and if he is elected Premier. That means fewer mistakes, and more success in the early months of the next Liberal government at Queen’s Park.

Climate Champion. Climate change is, in my view, the single most important issue confronting Ontario.  Whether or not you plan to vote Liberal, if you care about climate change you should care about having a climate champion as Liberal leader.  Comparing the Liberal leadership candidates’ platforms shows that Coteau has by far the most comprehensive and aggressive plan to fight climate change: https://www.anewfocuson.com/a_green_ontario.  It includes a commitment to fare-free public transit, and a massive retrofit of public buildings for energy efficiency.

A Leader for a Diverse Ontario. Michael is an immigrant, who grew up in a working class household in Flemingdon Park.  When he speaks, it is obvious that his background has inspired him to make Ontario better for everyone. Check out this powerful video: https://vimeo.com/343424281. Coteau would present an exciting new face of the Liberal Party to Ontario.  He would be the first immigrant, and the first person of colour, to lead a major party and (hopefully!) serve as Premier.


Thank you for reading,

Noel Semple