Traffic Studies on Dundas

Dear Councillor Grimes and Councillor Holyday,

Thank you very much for your support of traffic studies for the Dundas Street West intersections with (1) Wimbleton/Old Oak , and (2) Earlington Ave or Old Dundas.   I have shared this good news with the members of the Better Dundas Coalition.  We really appreciate your help in bringing these matters before Council.

On behalf of the Coalition, I am writing to seek some further information about the study process for these two intersections.  I understand that the studies will produce recommendations regarding the suitability of these intersections for traffic lights. 

— Will the traffic studies take into account the interests of pedestrians seeking to cross Dundas Street West, for example through the inclusion of pedestrian movement studies?  Many local residents are concerned about the shortage of safe crossing places on Dundas.  Between the traffic lights at Chestnut Hills Crescent and the Kingsway Mills Shopping Centre, there is a 1.3 kilometre stretch with no traffic lights or crosswalks.  There is also a 650 metre stretch without safe crossing places between Prince Edward Drive and Howland Avenue.    Traffic lights at the intersections named above would cut these distances without safe crossing places roughly in half. 

— Will the traffic studies take into account expected future vehicle traffic, or just current vehicle traffic?   There are multiple applications to construct large residential buildings on the south side of Dundas between Prince Edward and the Humber River.  Further residential intensification seems likely on the north side of this stretch as well.  When these buildings are constructed, they will significantly increase traffic in the area, increasing the need for a traffic light at Earlington.  (If future demand absolutely cannot be considered as part of the traffic study process, it might be better to conduct the study after the new buildings are complete).

— Regarding the interests of pedestrians and cyclists, will the traffic studies take into account the interests of the many people who currently avoid Dundas Street West, but would walk or bike on it if if the City makes it more safe and pleasant to do so?   Or will the studies just count the small number of (very brave) people willing to walk or cycle on Dundas today?

— Will the traffic studies take into account the City’s policies regarding Vision ZeroComplete Streets, and Walking to School?  We believe that installing traffic lights in these locations would be aligned with all of these goals.

— Will the traffic studies include an opportunity for community input? 

— Will the studies evaluate the intersections over multiple days, so as to include (for example) individuals at Wimbleton/Old Oak going to the school and church at the busiest times for those institutions?

— Rebecca Guida kindly provided the service request # for the Old Oak/Wimbleton traffic study request. Your email below indicated that such a request will also be made regarding Earlington/Old Dundas. Could you please provide the service request # for that?

Again, thank you very much for your support. We do hope that the Traffic Study process will take into account the interests of everyone affected by the decisions which the City will make. 

Best wishes,

Noel Semple