Child Support Law in Canada: Seeking Contributors

Would you be willing to share your expertise in family law, as a contributor to this new open-access volume on CanLII? This will be the first open-source, legally complete guide to the law of child support across the country. It will be published on CanLII, with Prof. Noel Semple of Windsor Law as coordinating publisher. 

We are looking for Chapter Authors to write on one or more of the topics below!

Child Support Law in Canada will be written in plain and accessible language, and available for free on CanLII. It will help everyone who needs to understand their rights and obligations. This includes self-represented litigants, and the many lawyers who don’t subscribe to the expensive traditional doctrinal texts. 

However this isn’t just a summary of the law.  Child Support Law in Canada will comprehensively explain the legislation, regulations and case law on child support in all the provinces and territories. 

This is an access to justice project and we are looking for lawyers ready to help make the law accessible and understandable to everyone! Chapter authorship looks great on a professional website or CV. It’s a great opportunity for you, or someone in your firm, to share your leading expertise on a topic such as:

  • Age thresholds for child support eligibility
  • Remaining a “child of the marriage”
  • Determining the Potential Payor
  • Biological parentage
  • Who stands in the place of a parent?
  • Step-parents
  • Parentage proceedings
  • Imputing Income
  • Requirements to disclose income
  • Retroactive child support
  • Provinces and territories: variations in child support law and procedure 
  • Or many more! 

This new book will follow the model of Civil Procedure and Practice in Ontario, which receives over 1200 visitors per month on CanLii.   The model involves (I) chapters written by leading practitioners and experts in the field, (ii) legal research to support the author team from a dedicated team at Windsor Law, and (iii) open-access publication on CanLii. 

We are looking for commitments to write chapters of approximately 25 pages for Child Support Law in Canada. A Chapter can be undertaken by a team. Here are Windsor Law, our student team and librarians are standing by to assist with access to research materials that will make this easy for you. 

Are you interested? Please leave a comment below, or email 

Background on CanLII 

CanLII has successfully built a collection of over 74,000 books, articles, reports, case summaries, and commentaries, is constantly developing new tools to meet the needs of Canadians. We want to work with people who see the potential for open legal commentary.

Over the past several years, CanLII has developed and published a number of original open access legal commentary projects, including our Manual to British Columbia Civil Litigation and our Criminal Law Ebook. We have also had the pleasure of working with several esteemed legal professionals to publish their casebooks and practice manuals. One of the most popular of these resources is Civil Procedure and Practice in Ontario, a continually updated comprehensive guide to Ontarian civil procedure spearheaded by lead editor University of Windsor law professor Noel Semple. 

For more information, or if you are interested in contributing, please email