CDO: Stop Assisting the NYC Migration

Ultra Vires (U. of Toronto Faculty of Law)

The Career Development Office (CDO) has to be one of the best-run bits of U of T. Efficient, compassionate, and knowledgeable — these people do a great job. I can only think of one thing that would make the CDO better: they should stop helping American firms hire our best graduates. The CDO shouldn’t advertise American jobs, host American OCIs, or do anything else to encourage our graduates to work outside the country.

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A Cowardly Concession

The Varsity (Online Edition), October 26th, 2006.

On Monday, Hart House hosted a debate between candidates for the November 13th election of Toronto’s mayor.  Three candidates were invited – Stephen LeDrew, David Miller, and Jane Pitfield.  Among the 38 registered candidates, these are the only three who have any chance of being elected Mayor of Toronto.

A large and excited audience filed into the Great Hall at 6:30 to see and hear them.  As the spectators took their seats, they found that someone else was already making a speech.  The speaker was one of the 35 candidates who were not invited. He carried a large, dirty broom which he waved in the air and banged on the floor.  He ranted incoherently at the top of his lungs. He did so for a full hour, as the spectators’ mood shifted from amusement to embarrassment to anger.

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A Bus to Nowhere

_the newspaper_ (University of Toronto)

Tuesday, August 17, 2004.

As this issue of _the newspaper_ goes to press, most students are working summer jobs to save money for school. By contrast, amateur politicos at U of T’s Students’ Administrative Council (SAC) are busy holding meetings to find new ways to spend it. Naturally, the money SAC spends is the same money the rest of us save every summer- our mandatory undergraduate student fees fund the Council to the tune of about $850,000 per year.

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Enough with the propaganda: The U of T Bulletin

_the newspaper_ (University of Toronto)
April 8, 2004

My name is Noel Semple, and I’m a campus pressaholic. I lurk beside news-stands in libraries; I memorize publication schedules. There are dozens of U of T student papers, none of them are too obscure or too typographically shoddy to be worth picking up. There’s only one paper that even I won’t read. You’ve probably seen it, towering in forlorn, untouched piles-the University of Toronto Bulletin.

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Dispelling the myth of the WTO ‘evil empire’

The Varsity – Feature
April 23, 2002

The huge crowds of protesters outside World Trade Organization conferences are not difficult to explain. The WTO’s somewhat obscure mandate can make it seem slightly sinister, and the organization hasn’t done the best possible job of explaining itself to the world at large. All things considered, it’s not too surprising that some people have come to imagine the WTO as part of some evil globalization cabal, so dangerous that it’s worth travelling long distances to throw bricks at police officers over. Chapter 11 of NAFTA, under which the Ethyl Corporation recently successfully sued the Canadian government, is often perceived as belonging to the same international conspiracy.

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