My name is Noel Semple.  I live in Etobicoke with my wife Angelique and our children Madeleine (13) and Malcolm (9). We enjoy biking, swimming, and hanging out in Etobicoke.


I am a professor at the University of Windsor Faculty of Law.  I teach courses in Civil Procedure,  Legal Ethics, and Access to Justice.

I am the convenor of the Better Dundas Coalition.  The goal of this group is to make Dundas Street West (between Islington & the Humber River) into  a “complete street” which is safe, pleasant, and efficient for all road users.  As you know if you have tried to walk or bike on this stretch of Dundas, it isIMG_2672 currently a dangerous and unpleasant experience.

In teaching law students about civil procedure and legal professionalism, I am inspired by the work of my wife Angelique.  She is a partner at Casey & Moss, where she specializes in helping people with estate, trust, and capacity matters.

I research and write about access to justice.  This work is all about how we can make our legal system work better for everyone. This page describes my work on access to justice.


I am also very interested in welfare-consequentialism.  This is the idea that the government should always implement the policies that can rationally be expected to make life go best for everyone.  I believe that public policy should be evidence-based, and take into account impacts on all affected parties.  For my writing on welfare-consequentialism, please click here.