June 15 Canvass for Josh Matlow

Dear friends, on Thurs evening I’ll be knocking doors for our candidate of choice in 551 The West Mall, a middle-income condo building just south of Rathburn. I hope you will join me! Let’s meet in the visitor parking lot at the rear of 551 at 545pm. I’ll have plenty of flyers.

Why This Building?

551 is a tower so we can hit lots of doors quickly. Also it will have a polling station in the lobby, which will make it much easier for residents to vote.

Why Canvass?
Josh would be a terrific mayor, but canvassing isn’t only about helping him win. Canvassing is a chance to get people interested in democracy and learn about our fellow human beings from different walks of life. Municipal election turnout was only 29.7% last October which is really troubling.
I count it a win to have a talk that turns a non-voter into a voter, perhaps for life. I treasure the conversations where someone tells me what has them excited or even angry. You learn a lot of interesting things at the door! And so many people are isolated. Hearing them, when they are willing to talk, creates a crucial human connection. All of this to say that, no matter what the polls say and no matter who ends up winning, I find canvassing is always worthwhile!