My name is Noel Semple.  I live in the Kipling & Burnhamthorpe area with my wife Angelique and our children Madeleine (15 years) and Malcolm (11). We love living in Etobicoke. You can often find us at the Six Points Plaza, at St. George’s on-the-Hill Anglican Church, or sometimes at St. James Gate Pub.

We think Etobicoke could be even better, and we are trying to do our part. Every spring, we organize a front porch food drive for the St. James Food Basket.


I also serve on the Board of Directors of the South Etobicoke Community Legal Services Clinic and the Central Etobicoke Community Hub Initiative.

Please click here to read about my day job. In teaching law students about civil procedure and legal professionalism, I am inspired by the work of my wife Angelique.  She is a partner at Casey & Moss, where she specializes in helping people with estate, trust, and capacity matters.